At Intuitivo, we are passionate about the future, and we’re thankful for the journey. Our story begins with an idea and a clear drive for innovation.

Our Story

At Intuitivo, we believed from the beginning that there had to be an underlying solution for customers who wanted to just grab what they wanted and go; a way to bring products closer to them with "check-out free" technology.

In our search, we went one step further: to truly meet them halfway. We have designed a unique infrastructure that supports the rollout of
millions of autonomous points of purchase around the world. This innovative solution allows businesses to scale up and facilitates seamless retail interactions.

After lots of collaboration with designers, developers and data scientists, Intuitivo created the A-POP, an autonomous point of purchase that brings the future of retail closer.

The Future Is Autonomous

After running our first pilots we validated our solution. Through us, companies could easily reach their customers, get to know them better and provide them with a simplified shopping experience while boosting their profits through higher, multiple and high-frequency purchases.

Expanding Across Continents

Our rollouts multiplied and we are now installing A-POPs in the USA, Brazil, Mexico, Spain, Peru and Argentina.

Today Intuitivo is recognized as an "Enterprise-ready" solution. We are an innovative technology company with a unique infrastructure that can simultaneously support millions of A-POPs worldwide.

We are continuously strengthening our platform as more companies bring their products closer to their customers.

Creating Community

At Intuitivo, we build to be industry leaders. To achieve this, we have recruited the best talents and partnered with strong companies, institutions and investors, such us AWS, Nvidia, OpenCV, Globant, SuperbAI and many more!

Teamwork Since Day 1

Intuitivo is all about teamwork. That is our DNA. We are basically problem solvers stationed all over the world.

You may call us tech lovers who are always looking to solve complex challenges.

Meet us!

Our culture is by our side every step of the way; we leave a little bit of our identity in everything we do.

Get to know us and our culture, check out our open vacancies. We are always looking for new talent.
Intuitivo in the News

Nespresso first A-POP

Nespresso improves its customers shopping experience by installing an Intuitivo A-POP in Argentina’s main shopping mall.
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Satya Mallick Webinar

Webinar of Jose Benitez Genes AI Director of Intuitivo and Satya Mallick CEO of OpenCV, where they talked about how Intuitivo is applying Computer Vision to transform the future of retail.
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MIT Technology Review

Innovators Under 35 LATAM
MIT Review has awarded José Benitez Genes, our Co-founder and Director of AI, with the Innovators Under 35 LATAM!
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