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Introducing Second Sight AI

Our AI system is built to solve real-world interactions.

Using state-of-the-art technology in Machine Learning and Computer Vision, we have created a full MLOps life-cycle capable of training new SKUs at an incredible speed.

All our technology requires are cameras; no extra sensors or high-maintenance hardware.

MLOps life-cycle

Our end-to-end MLOps life-cycle allows for an amazingly fast training of new SKUs in an autonomous, sustainable and scalable way.


Real-Time Auto Labeling Tools for Active Learning

The Data Operation team uses an internal custom software developed to ease the data-curation process and to make it scalable. Intuitivo’s data collection process starts running after every new transaction, continuously gathering new information about your SKUs and feeding it to our machine learning models.


Dataset Management Tools for Faster Training

Our custom dataset management software allows us to adapt to any retailer dynamics, making datasets version control for new SKUs sustainable. Creating an amazing traceability system by design for all our machine learning models.


Model Analysis for Continuos Improvement

New models are trained autonomously and we monitor their performance in real-time. This allows us to improve our Computer Vision Pipeline with valuable data that comes through our workflows with every new purchase.

Designed by
Intuitivo, Made for Anywhere.

We are a 100% cloud-based company which means higher accuracy and deeper contextual comprehension. Our Computer Vision Pipeline is capable of understanding complex real-world interactions while our end-to-end MLOps infrastructure can simultaneously support millions of A-POPs.

Our product life-cycle provides the most autonomous way of registering new SKUs on the platform so that  your new products are immediately ready to sell. No barcodes, no high-cost scans or expensive technologies such as RFID.

How We Train Your SKUs

Our platform automatically trains Machine Learning models to recognize your SKUs with an autonomous, sustainable and scalable MLOps life-cycle.


When a retailer wants to add a new product they just register the SKU on the Insight Dashboard along with the product's name, image and description.


We check our Dataset Management system for an existing SKU that matches the newly added product as we may have already collected data of that product.


We check for an existing SKU to match yours.


Intuitivo's Computer Vision Pipeline gathers data for the new product’s dataset using already curated data while collecting new data from subsequent purchases until it’s ready to be trained.


Once the new SKUs dataset is robust, our system automatically trains several machine learning models, then tests them against past transactions and finally deploys the best performing model into Production.


Once your dataset is robust, our system automatically trains several models and then deploys your new SKU.

Intuitivo's Life-Cycle Is Privacy First

We consider data privacy a must, so all captured interactions go through anonymization processes before making this data available to our MLOps life-cycle.

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We like to think of our IoT as embedded AI. Our proprietary hardware can be easily integrated to any production line of cooler manufacturers. A system with cameras that continuously work at 60FPS and can send video to the cloud without losing quality. Light hardware, intuitive software.

Insight Board

All the information from your business operation is consolidated in one single dashboard. This tool allows you to access information about your customers, manage stock, monitor real-time performance of all your A-POPs and assign roles with custom view settings.