Bring the Future Closer to Your Customers Today.

At Intuitivo we understand the importance of challenging the boundaries between digital and physical purchases to create a customer experience that combines the best of both worlds.

Consumers want their favorite products nearby at all times, avoiding delivery fees and long lines.
By combining Machine Learning with Computer Vision, we are building a unique infrastructure that allows us to install thousands of A-POPs at an unprecedented speed and cost.

Bring your products closer to your customers wherever they are.

The future of retail is hybrid, autonomous and decentralized, and it’s already here.

Meet Our Computer Vision Pipeline

Our AI proprietary technology allows us to incorporate new SKUs at unprecedented speed through a data-centric process of active learning.

Our Machine Learning models are continuously retrained with new images captured in real purchases. With this our AI can generalize and be highly accurate.

Always an Amazing Experience

Our infrastructure has been designed for an always agile, intuitive and secure shopping experience, regardless of  your customer’s connectivity conditions. We believe that in order to provide an outstanding experience we need more than a great user interface. For this reason, at Intuitivo, we focus on these KPIs:
Second Skin Wallet load time
Second Skin Wallet images load time
Time to Receipt
A-POPs Uptime

We're the partner you need to future-proof your business.

The numbers speak for themselves.

We're the partner you need to
future-proof your business.

Machine Learning

We are pioneers in creating a platform, and an infrastructure based on Machine Learning, where all the components of our ML life-cycle complement one another in such a way that makes retail autonomous, sustainable and scalable.

Data-Centric Workflows

Beyond structured models, we focus primarily on data. At Intuitivo we systematically engineer the data used to train our Machine Learning models and base our entire pipeline on this grounding concept.

“Instead of focusing on the code, companies should focus on developing systematic engineering practices for improving data in reliable, efficient, and systematic ways.
In other words, companies need to move from a model-centric approach to a data-centric approach”

— Andrew Ng, CEO, and Founder of LandingAI.

Why Does Data-Centric AI Matter?

This approach marks a cultural shift in the Machine Learning community. Now the focus is on pre-processing, curating, labeling and efficient data management with a machine learning model as backbone.

Enterprise-Ready Infrastructure

The entire Intuitivo infrastructure is built to support millions of transactions that take place at the same time, and all over the world, while attending to local data privacy compliance standards in a secure environment.

We have also designed our platform so that it can scale up from 1 to 1,000 A-POPs in weeks. With us, you can immediately start harnessing the power of intelligent retail to grow your business.
Faster Computer Vision Applications Building
Reduced Deploy Time
Improved Accuracy
2 to
1000 A-POPs in under 2 weeks

Global and Hybrid Infrastructure

We are building a secure, reliable, and low latency network to provide the best experience to your customers.

We believe that when shopping, every millisecond counts.

That is why with our 5G-infrastructure we ensure that your customers can use our technology at all times.

Intuitivo. Meet them halfway.
Words from our Partners

Hyun Kim

CEO and co-founder Superb AI
We're proud to partner with Intuitivo. They are on the cutting edge of retail automation and AI and have one of the best teams in the industry. We're excited to support continous growth and success.
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