Designed by Intuitivo,
Made for Anywhere.

We like to think of our IoT as embedded AI; hardware that can be easily adapted to the production line of any cooler manufacturer. Our hardware allows the cameras to work continuously at 60FPS and upload videos to the cloud without losing quality.

Light hardware, intuitive software.

Our technology is 10x cheaper than any other player in the market.

Easy setup
No maintenance
No weight sensors

Retrofit in less than 10 mins

The fastest setup with no need to alter the container structure. Our retrofit-based kits are designed to fit and transform any cabinet, cooler or structure into a fully operational A-POP.

Built-in Camera System

Our built-in cameras are designed to be easily integrated at the production line of any cooler manufacturer. Just plug the A-POP and start selling.

Advanced Vision System

Our custom firmware allows us to run cameras at a high FPS and upload videos to the cloud without losing quality. More information, better accuracy.

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More Products

Second Sight AI

Our A-POPs use the power of Intuitivo's Computer Vision Pipeline to quickly process purchases from the real world. No sensors, or costly and high-maintenance hardware, are required. All you need is a few small cameras and a clear view. 

Insight Board

All the information from your business operation is consolidated in one single dashboard. This tool allows you to access information about your customers, manage stock, monitor real-time performance of all your A-POPs and assign roles with custom view settings.